The eyeZy App: A Solution to Your Modern Day Needs

While there are tons of technological creations, we’ll focus on smartphones. Coming in varying sizes and shapes, these devices place the world in your palm. Thus, it’s no surprise seeing that a mind-boggling 6.648 billion people own one. 

Although smartphones may seem positive all through, it’s important to note that some people have gone rogue in their usage, perpetrating fraudulent activities and other nefarious schemes. 

Thus, it has become crucial to monitor the activities of those closest to us.

However, with most people guarding their smartphones carefully, how do you gain remote access to data on their devices? The answer is spy apps!

With so many spy apps available on the Internet, you might find yourself weighing the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision. 

We’ve done in-depth research to sift out a medium that ranks first amongst equals – eyeZy.

Yearning to know more about this application? Do us a favor and read this comprehensive eyeZy review.

What Is eyeZy?

The developers of eyeZy were brave with their decision to tag the app as “The most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet.” However, looking at the app’s functionalities might see you nod affirmatively. 

Designed specifically for parents looking to monitor the activities of their children on the Internet, eyeZy fields a decent array of spying functionalities you might not find elsewhere. With eyeZy, you have unfettered access to top-tier features like GPS tracking, app Monitoring, and website Blocking. 

The eyeZy spy app works on Android and iOS devices. Since these OSs dominate the smartphone industry, you can monitor a target without hassles.

Unlike most spy apps, eyeZy works in 100% stealth mode. Therefore, once you install eyeZy on the target’s smartphone, there’s no app thumbnail to denote its presence. Consequently, you can kick-start monitoring without alerting the tracked user.

eyeZy ensures data transfer occurs under bank-grade encryption. So, the possibility of a third party accessing trawled data from the target device is non-existent. Talk about a spy app that has you covered on all fronts!

Although people might deem spy app installation as a venture requiring a first-class degree from MIT, eyeZy makes the procedure easy. By incorporating a Friendly Installer, eyeZy ensures installation is straightforward. 

What’s better? Access to the aforementioned features won’t see you paying through your nose, as eyeZy has budget-friendly subscriptions available. Just choose an ideal plan and get monitoring straightaway. It’s that simple!

What Do You Need eyeZy for in Today’s World?

Spy applications like eyeZy are used mainly to monitor the activities of others without them knowing. However, it’s vital to understand that there’s usually a prompt for spying on another party without their knowledge.

Here, we’ll be giving an insight into triggers that lead to people monitoring others using eyeZy. 

The top mentions are:

eyeZy spy app for kids monitoring
  • Monitor Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you’ll understand that your wards are priceless gems. According to a recent report, 33.8% of kids between 12 and 17 were cyberbullying victims at least once. 

Besides cyberbullying, there are many vices your child could pick up on the Internet. Since their safety offline and online is essential, it’s vital to use a spy application such as eyeZy.

Upon installation, the eyeZy spy app gets to work as it seamlessly trawls data from your ward’s device. Now, you have a bird-eye view of their exchanges on various IM apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and the likes. eyeZy also has a GPS tracker, allowing you to see where they are in real-time. 

Now, if you spot something abnormal, you can swing into action immediately.

eyeZy spy app for kids monitoring
  • Track Employees

Building a business from scratch is no mean feat, as it requires years of planning and getting approvals from various bodies to set things in motion. To keep your business running, you must hire employees fixed on promoting the company’s baseline. 

Although the staff is crucial in boosting the firm’s revenue and clientele, it’s important to note that some employees are looking to dent the company’s name. Thus, they spill your entity’s trade secrets to the competition. 

The result? Losing everything you’ve amassed.

You don’t want this, do you? If so, we advise setting up company smartphones with “eyeZy” pre-installed for all staff. Using add-ons like Social Spotlight, you can see their chats during working hours. Now, you can sift out those contributing negatively to the company’s outlook. 

Summarily, you’re confident your company is on the path you intended, 24/7.

eyeZy spy app to catch a cheating partner
  • Catch a Cheating Partner

Remember the day you looked into the sparkling eyes of your spouse, uttering the words “I do” to everyone’s hearing? We’re confident memories of this nature are variations you’ll reminisce on for a long time. 

Nonetheless, what happens if your partner starts acting weirdly all of a sudden? Although, you may have some queries along the lines of – what did I do wrong? – it’ll be great to install the eyeZy application on their devices to see why they’re showcasing a specific behavior. 

Most times, these behavioral changes can stem from infidelity. 

With this possibility hovering around, you’ll need to lay your hands on irrefutable facts that point toward their cheating escapades. Using eyeZy’s “Magic Alerts,” you can set keywords, and if the cheating partner uses one while texting, you’ll receive an instant notification.

You can confront your cheating partner with facts they’ll find hard to dispute. Think of eyeZy as the 360° CCTV camera keeping you in sync with activities from the grayest of areas.

What Features Do You Get With the eyeZy Spy App?

Most eyeZy reviews refer to eyeZy as a top-notch spy app with many futuristic functionalities. Here, we’ll examine eyeZy’s main features and how they work.

Notable mentions include: 

  • Call and Message Monitoring

Using eyeZy, you can access the exchanged calls and messages on the target device at all times. Unlike most spy applications, eyeZy goes the extra mile to give you the timestamps of these messages and calls. 

Also, you have details of the contacts that facilitated these exchanges. 

That’s not all: eyeZy also gets you up to speed with deleted texts and calls on the target’s cell phone. So, if your kid, spouse, or employee wants to cover their sketchy activities, you have eyeZy available to cast a shining light on these lost logs. How intuitive!

  • Location Tracking

Most people give false reports about their whereabouts these days, and it’s relieving to see eyeZy incorporate a “location tracking” function in its résumé. With this nifty feature, you can sift out the real-time location of someone remotely. 

The location tracking is revolutionary as it alerts you of their Wi-Fi connections. So, did you earn your child about visiting a particular spot, and they defied your instructions? eyeZy gets you in the know.

What’s more? eyeZy’s location tracking function has geofencing. This nifty addition lets you pre-set danger zones you don’t want the target visiting. However, if they step within the confines of these regions, you’ll get an instant alert. 

  • Website Monitoring and Blocking

Although libraries are still operational in today’s world, the Internet is tagged the “library of libraries,” and you can access detailed information at the tap of an icon. Despite the positives showcased by the Internet, it still holds many harmful materials. 

Therefore, if you have a child and don’t want them snooping around harmful sites, installing the eyeZy app is a no-brainer as it lets you know what platforms they visit and how much time they spend on each. 

Even if your kid’s web browser features “Incognito Mode,” you can monitor their web activities.

Does it end here? Well, not quite. eyeZy allows parents to restrict access to sites they deem inappropriate for their kids. This action causes a “ripple effect” as children can consume data-bound to effect a positive change in their lives. A win-win for all involved parties! 

  • Screen Recorder

eyeZy exceeds expectations with its Screen Recorder feature. Once you’ve installed the eyeZy application on a target device, you can see what’s happening on their devices in real-time via screenshots. 

The “Screen Recorder” add-on ensures that you don’t miss deleted texts and calls on the target device. Thus, you can confront your partner with rock-solid evidence surrounding their raunchy escapades. 

Although some might argue that the screen recording functionality performs the same activity as the “call and message monitoring” system, the former remains vital for those who crave graphical representation. 

eyeZy makes these screenshots visible in your unique Control Panel. To avoid clutter, the application goes the extra mile to add timestamps.

eyezy keylogger
  • Keylogger

eyeZy ranks as one of the most futuristic spy apps due to the “Keylogger” feature. This function lets you in on all keystrokes made on the target’s device. 

When the target types something on their keyboard (sensible or gibberish), eyeZy keeps you in the loop. 

As with other eyeZy functionalities, the keylogger takes things a step further as it grants you the leeway to set keywords. Once you’ve curated several variations, it’s time to play the waiting game. 

Thus, if the target types a message in line with a preset keyword, eyeZy alerts you instantly. 

What’s more? eyeZy’s futuristic AI automatically senses danger and alerts you when suspicious keystrokes are entered into the target device. Now, you can nip a nagging issue in the bud before it escalates. 

  • App Monitoring and Blocking

eyeZy makes the brunt of parenting a tad manageable with its app monitoring and blocking add-on. With most kids spending their day swiping on various apps, eyeZy allows you to monitor and limit access to these apps as you deem fit. 

Here, you can know how much time your kid uses on a particular application and if you think these hours might pose a threat, in the long run, eyeZy allows you to place a temporary limit. Additionally, if you see an application as harmful, you can place permanent restrictions.

Although your ward will be able to launch applications you’ve placed limitations on, they can’t use it as eyeZy shuts down their access to the Internet. 

However, it’s important to note that optimal app usage will commence once you’ve removed these restrictions.

  • File Manager

Besides chats and messages, would you like to look at your ward’s media files remotely and stealthily? Well, the eyeZy spy app has got you covered. 

With eyeZy, you have unfettered access to the images, videos, GIFs, and documents stored available on your kid’s smartphone. This add-on is helpful as most children hide things they don’t want anyone else to see in their offline file managers.

To ensure you can sift out information quickly, eyeZy’s Control Panel has a corresponding segment divided into Photo, Videos, and Installed APPs. A tap on these sections acclimates you to their properties and timestamps. 

All-encompassing? eyeZy fits the bill!

eyezy calendar and notes
  • Calendar and Notes

Most people use their device’s calendar to plan dates and create reminders for several endeavors. On the flip side, notes are used to insert messages and numbers. Thus, access to a target’s calendar and notes lets you in on their plans.

With eyeZy, you have remote access to these essential aspects. eyeZy makes this feature comprehensive as it gives you insight into an event’s name and description. Therefore, if your child planned a sleepover that you didn’t approve of, you can air your disapproval before the said date.

These bits of information are also arranged neatly on your dedicated eyeZy dashboard, allowing you to get a hold of their dangerous expeditions instantly.

With eyeZy, you won’t be uttering those “had I known” statements anytime soon.

DID YOU KNOW: Even if you aren’t subscribed to the eyeZy service, a demo version gives you some context into how eyeZy’s Control Panel appears upon installation. 

eyezy compatibility

eyeZy Compatibility

The eyeZy spy app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Thus, you should be able to monitor your kids with relative ease, as most cell phones integrate one of the two operating systems. Besides their phones, you’d want to note that eyeZy works on tablets and iPads. 

Since eyeZy is making waves globally, the application doesn’t cater to “English speakers” alone, as it adopts a multilingual setting. You can translate the eyeZy site to the following languages: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. A spy application that reasserts its stance on the global map? Exceptional!

Although there might be a future update that’ll see the eyeZy app spy on PCs, eyeZy doesn’t offer monitoring on these mediums at the moment. Consequently, you won’t know what your wards are up to on their laptops, except you gain physical access to them when they’re not around. 

eyeZy installation on the target phone is vital. However, it’s pertinent to understand that access to your “Control Panel” is only possible via a mobile browser. The best part? The eyeZy site works seamlessly on mobile and desktop, so you don’t have to worry about aspect ratios causing a stir.

NOTE: If you’d like to track someone and you’d like to know if their device is compatible with eyeZy, head to the site and scroll down to the “eyeZy monitors” area. Here, insert the device’s naming and tap on the “Check Compatibility” icon to see if it’s compatible with eyeZy.

eyezy pricing

eyeZy Pricing

Despite eyeZy fielding many futuristic features, the operator has opted to field subscription packages that don’t bore a hole into customers’ pockets. 

For context, here are the subscriptions eyeZy offers:

  • 1 Month: $47.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $27.99 monthly
  • 12 Months: $9.99 monthly

Unlike some other spy applications, the prices of eyeZy don’t change regardless of the operating system. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to pay a bit more if you’d like to jailbreak an iOS device. 

eyeZy’s subscription plans are available on one device at a time. To effectively spy on multiple cell phones, you’ll need to subscribe to each device. While this may present issues for parents looking to monitor their wards, the add-ons available on eyeZy make this endeavor worthwhile. 

Another thing to note here is that eyeZy has a decent refund policy. This caveat means you’re eligible for a refund 14 days after purchasing a plan. However, this provision only applies to customers who encounter technical issues within this timeline. 

Although we recommend the one-month subscription to test eyeZy’s functions, opting for the 12-month plan is the most cost-effective alternative. 

Nonetheless, we urge you to choose a package that augurs your finances.

How Does eyeZy Work?

Installing eyeZy doesn’t require a degree from Harvard, and you can get the application up and running on the target device in less than 5 minutes.

eyeZy has three installation methods, including:

  1. Local Sync Over Wi-Fi

If you’d like to see what’s happening on your partner’s cell phone 24/7, the local sync over Wi-Fi option makes this endeavor achievable. After the setup, eyeZy starts trawling information from the target smartphone to your unique Control Panel.

Establishing physical contact with the target device is compulsory to use this installation alternative. You’ll only need to do this once. Afterward, you’ll have access to the smartphone’s information when connected to your local Wi-Fi network.

  1. iCloud Sync

Most parents who purchase iOS smartphones for their kids usually know the iCloud logins on these devices. If you’re one of them, you can use these details to collect data from your ward’s device. 

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve created an eyeZy profile, log in and insert the iCloud details in your “Control Panel.” Now, verify these details using the 2FA code on your kid’s phone.

After you’ve gone through this procedure, you have full access to your child’s device and data 24/7. 

The best part? Your wards have no idea that you’re spying on them.

  1. Jailbreak Method

If the target device is jailbroken, this eyeZy installation method should get the app running instantly. You must install the eyeZy app onto the target cell phone. eyeZy now trawls data and transfers them to your Control Panel upon installation.

Unlike non-jailbroken iOS smartphones, you don’t need the target’s iCloud logins to kick-start monitoring. With Invisible Shield available, the target remains oblivious of your monitoring endeavors.

Pros and Cons: What the eyeZy Reviews Say

Although eyeZy ranks as a top-tier monitoring app with futuristic features, it still has shortcomings. 

Here are the pros and cons of the eyeZy application:

Pros of eyeZy

24/7 Customer Support

If you find yourself in a debacle that requires a prompt solution, eyeZy has 24/7 customer support on the show via live chat, email, and phone. Regardless of your choice, there’s a representative available to solve your nagging issues.

Bank-Grade Encryption

eyeZy provides bank-grade encryption to ensure data doesn’t end in the wrong hands. 

Easy Installation Process

Getting started with eyeZy doesn’t require a rule book. With the app’s “Friendly Installer” on board, completing the installation process within five minutes is possible. 

Regular Updates

eyeZy updates your Control Panel every five minutes. Thus, you’re kept in the loop 24/7.

Cons of eyeZy

iCloud Sync Is Currently Unavailable

eyeZy installation alternative – iCloud sync – remains unavailable since its teaser last year. Since this add-on is vital for parents interested in using their kids’ iCloud logins to spy on them, the long wait for its arrival might hurt eyeZy’s reputation.

Final Thoughts

eyeZy touts itself as a top-tier spy app. With many futuristic functionalities in the mix, eyeZy delivers on its promise of efficient and effective spying. Compatible with Android and iOS cell phones, eyeZy doesn’t make a mountain out of installation. What’s more? The plans available are cost-effective, ensuring you don’t create a hole in your finances.

Although there might be concerns about iCloud sync’s unavailability, eyeZy ranks high in the spyware market due to its comprehensive nature. 

Thus, we’d recommend eyeZy to parents, employees, and spouses looking to monitor others stealthily and remotely.

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