5 Best Instagram Spy Apps: Reading Instagram Chats Without Doing Anything Extra

These days, exchanging instant messages is possible via social media channels. With numerous variations in the mix, Instagram is one of the most popular. Although their 2010 launch allowed them to stake a claim in the photo-sharing market, Facebook acquiring this platform in 2012 saw Instagram’s fame skyrocket.  

Since its acquisition till date, Instagram has been on an onward journey. According to a recent report by top research site, Statista, Instagram has 1 billion active users monthly, making them one of the most famous social networks globally. 

Instagram has reinvented how we exchange photos and messages amongst friends and family. While this is an applaudable venture, people now use Instagram to execute scams and foster illicit affairs. As a result, people are turning towards Instagram spy apps to get acclimated with the activities of their wards, partners, and employees.

However, with the Internet fielding tons of alternatives, all claiming to be the best, what spy tool can you trust? In this comprehensive article, we’ll get you up to speed with proven alternatives. Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the inner workings of Instagram spying. 

Why Should You Spy on Instagram Messages?

Although Instagram is an excellent avenue for meeting new people, 100% safety on this platform isn’t assured as it features persons with ulterior motives. While there are many reasons as to why you might want to check out a person’s Instagram messages, let’s take a look at 3 common justifications for this activity:

  • Ensuring Your Ward Is Safe 24/7

Having a child and shielding them from the evils in the world today as a parent is a non-negotiable task. While Instagram seeks to expunge cyberbullying on its platform, this social media channel is still a beehive of related activities.

With this terrifying prospect, you’d want your kids to be safe. If they have Instagram profiles, it might be time to use a functional Instagram spy tool and spy on their accounts. Using spyware, you can see what they’re up to on their respective profiles 24/7.

  • Catch a Cheating Spouse

Almost anyone can register on Instagram. Although the ease of access on this platform is commendable, it has become the go-to communication channel for people in illicit relationships. 

So, are you scared that the person you confessed your love to is showering theirs on someone else? Well, it might be time to use an Instagram spying app to get wind of their activities. 

Due to the comprehensive nature of these applications, you can see the person they’ve been sending those spicy videos and images to without hassles. Now, you can confront them with irrefutable evidence.

  • Foster Productivity Among Employees

The goal of every business is to make profits. If you’re an employer of labor, you’d need to keep this mantra alive, as falling short can lead to the absolute collapse of that entity. To run your firm smoothly, your staff must execute their functions effectively.

With this goal in view, consider installing Instagram spy apps on company devices. Now, you can determine if your staff are productive during working hours or check their Instagram timelines.

Since Instagram spyware fields are 100% stealth mode, it’s possible to monitor them stealthily. Now, you can sieve out the honest and dishonest staff without encountering a clog.

instagram spying app

Can You Use Instagram Spy Apps to Monitor Instagram Messages?

Yes. It’s possible to monitor Instagram messages with an Instagram spy application. While spyware might come off as a complex techie term, grasping their inner workings isn’t strenuous as envisaged.

To use these apps to spy on Instagram chats, all you need to do is install the spyware on the target’s device. However, it’s pertinent to understand that prerequisites might differ, depending on the OS. 

Thus, before you engage an Instagram spy app, make sure you subscribe to the package that suits the target device (Android or iOS). This aspect is instrumental if you’d like to know how to look at someone’s Instagram without them knowing. Once you’ve entered a plan that suits your spying needs, it’s time to install the app. This process is easy as most spy apps will send instructions to guide you.

Upon installation on the target’s smartphone or PC, the spy app begins to retrieve information for their phones. Data from these devices are available on your dedicated Control Panel or dashboard. Since spy apps send Instagram information via bank-grade encryption, you don’t have to bother about breaches rearing their ugly heads.

Although some might think that Instagram spying is an impossible thing to achieve, it’s doable – and stealthily too!

IMPORTANT: While Android devices require rooting to execute spying-related activities, you can spy on iOS devices using the target’s iCloud credentials. However, it’s pertinent to note that some spying features on iOS require jailbreaking to work seamlessly.

How to Spy on Instagram Secretly: Viable Alternatives to Consider

Have you been searching the Internet for how to log into someone’s Instagram without them being notified? While these queries might bring results all over the place, we’ll be giving you some perspective on the mediums you can consider spying on Instagram profiles secretly. 

Notable mentions include:

Google Target Instagram Account’s Username

This is the most straightforward alternative. All you need to do is get the target’s Instagram username and search for it on Google.

You’ll be able to view their recent posts, who they tagged, and the websites they’ve mentioned. However, it’s crucial to note that this is all you get. With this method, you can’t see their chats and multimedia files.

Although this medium might not be as detailed as you would’ve liked, it’s free and an excellent first step in the right direction.

Create a Fake Account

Another way you can monitor someone’s Instagram is by creating a fake account. This alternative comes to the fore before Googling an Instagram account set on private won’t churn out the expected results.

To do this, go through the account creation process on Instagram once more. Use generic information to maintain that anonymous look instead of using genuine details about yourself during registration.

Now, follow the account. It’s important to note that you won’t see the target’s posts until they’ve followed you back. Albeit a free Instagram monitoring hack, creating fake accounts might hit a brick wall if the target follows only people they know.

Social Engineering

If you want to know how to see someone’s Instagram messages without them knowing, consider social engineering. Using this spying alternative, the target is unaware you’re monitoring their Instagram account. 

So, what does social engineering involve? Simply put, social engineering brings your manipulative side to the fore. Here, convince the target to give you their Instagram password by using several incentives. If they don’t budge, it might be time to turn towards a popular social engineering method – phishing.

Phishing requires expertise, and you’d need to curate an identical Instagram login webpage and send it to the target. When the recipient clicks on the link and inserts their login information, you’ll see it almost immediately. 

Phishing has a high success rate because it’s normal for social networks to demand users update their passwords due to security concerns. Therefore, when you send a compelling message and a link to boot, the target might think it’s legit, not knowing it’s a trap.

IMPORTANT: Phishing is a method used by unethical hackers. While you might have a valid reason to spy on someone’s Instagram account, we don’t recommend phishing as being a violator is an action punishable by US law. 

Instagram Spy App

If you crave 100% effectiveness when monitoring an Instagram account, it’s time to consider Instagram spy apps. Using this spyware, all you need to do is install it on the target’s cell phone. 

However, prospective spy app users should note that installation requires physical access to the target’s cell phone. Once this process is complete, they can see all Instagram data coming from the target’s device. Notable bits include chats, video calls, and multimedia files.

how to spy on instagram

With numerous Instagram spyware claiming to be the best online, most of them are scam apps with one goal – defraud patrons of their hard-earned cash. Therefore, we advise that you go with mediums that have garnered positive reviews (online and offline).

What Can You Track With an Instagram Spy App?

With an Instagram spying app, you can monitor many things on the target’s cell phone. Although most spy apps integrate numerous capabilities, the most notable include:

  • Call Monitoring

Since calls became a theme on Instagram, we’ve seen its adaptation by millions. Using an Instagram spy app, you can see the incoming and outgoing calls from the target’s device.

Some spy apps go the extra mile to feature VoIP (Voice over IP) recording. This add-on lets you in on the discussions during the call.

  • Blocking Apps

If your ward or partner is fostering an illicit relationship on Instagram and you get wind of it, you can use a spy app to block the application from launching on their cell phones. 

This restriction remains evergreen until you deactivate it from your dedicated Control Panel. 

  • GPS Tracking

With Instagram spy applications, you can engage the GPS tracking add-on to locate your kids or spouse in real-time. 

GPS tracking

Since it’s unlikely for you to stay glued to your Control Panel 24/7, you can set safe zones on these apps.

When you do so, you’re alerted immediately they leave a specific region. Now, you can take action before an issue escalates into something unsavory. 

  • Read Messaging Apps

Curious to see the exchanged messages on the target cell phone? Instagram spy apps have your needs all sorted. Besides Instagram, spyware will read chats from other messaging apps. 

You’ll see who the person’s chatting with and their timestamps to know when these messages were sent and received. 

read messaging apps

While your spouse or ward might want to play smart by deleting a message, Instagram spy apps can sieve out these conversations with relative ease.

  • Control Apps and Programs

With Instagram spying applications, you can control the apps on a target’s device. While this is similar to total app blockage, this feature gives you unfettered access to how the target uses a particular app. 

Now, you can control what they do with the app. So, while the app is fully functional, you can use a spy app to regulate specific actions momentarily.

  • Record Someone’s Screen

Instagram spy apps are breaking the confines of what was deemed possible. Using these offerings, you have access to a screen recorder. When activated, you can see what the target device is doing – all in the video! 

record someone's screen

This feature is helpful when you want to confront the target with evidence they can’t deny.

  • View Multimedia Files

You can seek out Instagram pictures, videos, GIFs & stickers on a person’s device when using a spy app. 

view multimedia files

This add-on grants access to the timelines they exchanged these multimedia files.

  • Monitor Internet Activity

The Internet is a hub for explicit content. Since kids are naturally curious, they might want to explore. 

With spy apps, you can ensure that they don’t come across sites with indecent pictures and videos by placing total restrictions on specific web pages. 

  • Read Their Emails

While emails are official for most persons, unfaithful spouses can use this medium to exchange intimate chats with a person that isn’t their partner. 

read their emails

With an Instagram spy app, you can see what emails they’ve curated recently from your home’s comfort.

How to Spy on Instagram: Factors to Consider When Choosing Instagram Spyware

Now that we understand the usefulness of Instagram spyware, a nagging issue presents itself – making the right pick. 

To select an Instagram spy app that executes spying activities with relative ease, consider these factors:

  • Compatibility

Before choosing an Instagram spy app, ensure it’s compatible with the target’s device. While some apps are exclusively for Android devices, others are perfect fits for iOS devices. 

We recommend selecting an alternative with offerings suited for both devices. 

  • Stealth Mode

Spying means you’re doing something secretly, without the other party knowing. Conversely, the spy app you choose must be discreet in its operations. 

What does this mean? The spy app should collect data from the tracked device without the target knowing. 

  • List of Features

Before you subscribe to the services of an Instagram spy app, it’s essential to know what features are in its resume. Your preferred Instagram spy app should have add-ons like location tracking, social media monitoring, keylogger, screen recorder, and app blocker.

Select spyware with at least 15 features to be on the safe side. That way, you’re sure of a service that has you covered regardless of where the rudder turns.

  • Price and Quality Correlation

The subscription plans on Instagram spyware should be cost-effective. This price must tally with the app’s offerings.

So, if a spy app has a monthly plan of $50 (which is on the high side for most), it should have unique add-ons like VoIP recording. 

If there’s a discrepancy between price and quality, you might want to steer clear of that Instagram spy app.

  • Ease of Installation and Use

For an Instagram spy app to work without the target’s phone, installation is non-negotiable. The top spy apps will send you a detailed guide once your subscription is successful. 

Using these bits of information, you can install the app on the target’s cell phone without hassles.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is a vital consideration when picking the best Instagram spy app. Your preferred spyware must have a channel you can contact when things go wrong.

The best spy apps offer support via live chat and email. Furthermore, these channels are available 24/7.

  • Refund Policy

We recommend selecting an Instagram spy app with a decent refund policy. Albeit rare, some spy apps might not function as intended. 

If you come across an unsolvable issue or are dissatisfied with the service, you should be able to seek a refund within 30 to 60 days.

How to Log Into Someone’s Instagram Without Them Being Notified: 5 Instagram Spy Apps You Can Trust for 100% Efficiency

Would you like to know how to get into someone’s Instagram without breaking a sweat? It might be time to turn towards Instagram spy apps. Unlike other spy mediums we’ve mentioned earlier, spy applications are the closest you’ll ever get to 100% efficiency.

So, what alternatives are worth it? Here are our top 5:

eyezy instagram spy app


Tagged as the most powerful phone monitoring app on the planet, eyeZy has staked a claim in the Instagram spying arena since its inception. Using the eyeZy app, you can view Instagram chats, videos, and pictures on the target device. 

With the revolutionary keylogger feature on eyeZy, you can see messages drafted by the target in real-time. 

Fortunately, the eyeZy app is available on Android and iOS devices. Since the app integrates what’s known as the “Friendly Installer,” you can install eyeZy with ease. There’s 24/7 customer support service at your disposal if you encounter any issue during app usage.

With a 30% discount pre-applied, eyeZy offers these plans: 1 month ($47.99), 3 months ($27.99 monthly), and 12 months ($9.99 per month).

How to Install eyeZy?

To install the eyeZy app, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account and choose a plan that augurs your finances.
  2. Once you’ve made a payment, it’s time to install eyeZy on the target device. This process is seamless with the “Friendly Installer” in the mix.
  3. Upon installation, head to your eyeZy dashboard to get data from the target device.

✅ Great list of features

✅ Easy installation process

✅ Responsive customer support

✅ Available on Android and iOS 


❌ The 1-month plan might be pricey for most

mspy instagram spy


mSpy is one of the most popular Instagram spy apps in the world. Unlike most spy apps, mSpy ranks high for fielding over 36 features. 

Using mSpy, you can track a person’s real-time GPS location and get ahold of their Instagram messages, multimedia, and calls. To reiterate its stance on ease, information from the target phone is accessible on your dedicated Control Panel.

As this video suggests, you can set up mSpy in no time at all. With 24/7 customer service in the mix, you can seek context on issues and get quick solutions.

The pricing on mSpy should see you breaking the bank anytime soon. You can enter an annual package for as low as $11.66 monthly.

How to Install mSpy?

Follow these steps to install mSpy on the target’s cell phone:

  1. Create an account with your email address. 
  2. Choose the target’s device version and pick a subscription plan.
  3. Once you’ve gone through the hoops of payment, log in to your mSpy Control Panel and see information from the target’s device.

✅ Over 25 features

✅ Round-the-clock customer support

✅ Easy set-up

✅ Works on Android and iOS devices

✅Cost-effective annual plan


❌ Root and jailbreak are required for certain features to work

ikeymonitor instagram spy app


If we were to give credence to an inclusive Instagram spy app, iKeyMonitor would rank high. This spyware is usable on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. 

With this app at the thick of things, you can monitor the Instagram accounts of your ward and spouse. Here, you can see the messages they’ve exchanged together with timestamps. You can also check their call logs to see who called them. 

If you’re looking towards a free Instagram spy app, this spyware should rank high as it fields a free trial. Once this period elapses, you can enter these plans: Family ($16.66 monthly) and Business ($9.99 monthly). These packages have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Install iKeyMonitor?

To install this Instagram spyware, follow these steps to the latter:

  1. Create a free account on the iKeyMonitor website.
  2. Sign in and install the app from your Control Panel. 
  3. Once you’ve installed the app successfully on the target’s cell phone, you can now see data from their devices without them knowing.

✅ Easy installation

✅ 30-day money-back guarantee

✅ Cost-effective subscriptions

✅ Free trial for newbies

✅ Great features


❌ Some features require rooting

cocospy spy app


Cocospy is a remote surveillance app that can monitor Instagram activities without hassles. With Cocospy, you can access a person’s Instagram messages. Cocospy goes further to ensure that chats appear on your Control Panel, complete with timestamps. 

While the Cocospy application is available on Android and iOS, the iOS package doesn’t offer Instagram monitoring. However, it’s available on Android devices, and you don’t have to root the device to access this add-on.

Although there’s no free trial with Cocospy, the plans on display are decent. 

Here, you can enter one of these plans: Premium ($9.99 monthly), Basic ($39.99 per month), and Family ($69.99 monthly).

How to Install Cocospy?

Install Cocospy the easy way by going through these steps:

  1. Head to the Cocospy website and create a new account.
  2. Choose the device you’d like to monitor (Android or iOS). Once you’ve made a pick, select a subscription plan.
  3. When your payment is deemed successful, you can see everything coming from the target’s device on your Control Panel.

✅ Intuitive site layout

✅ Decent range of Instagram spying features

✅ Positive reviews from users

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee

✅ Responsive customer support channels


❌ Instagram spying isn’t available on iOS devices

hoverwatch spy app


If you’d like to spy on Instagram stories and messages without doing anything daunting, it might be time to set your sights on Hoverwatch. You can record Instagram messages, photos, and calls with this spy app. 

Unlike most other spy apps, Hoverwatch can spy on a target’s Instagram account even when they’ve replaced their SIM cards. 

With Hoverwatch, there’s no need to make Google queries in the lines of – how to check someone’s activity on Instagram. Hoverwatch’s Control Panel is clutter-free, allowing you to sift through data with ease.

Hoverwatch has 3 subscription plans: Business ($6 per month), Professional ($9.99 per month), and Personal ($24.99 per month)

How to Install Hoverwatch?

If you’re interested in how to spy on Instagram using Hoverwatch, you’ll have to install the app first.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account using your email address and any passcode.
  2. Select a device, subscribe and enter a subscription plan. 
  3. Log into your account and download the Hoverwatch app.
  4. Start spying on the target device without them getting notified.
  • Encompassing feature list
  • 100% stealth mode
  • Regularly updated
  • Multilingual platform
  • Clutter-free Control Panel

❌ Subscriptions are a tad bit pricey

❌ It isn’t available on iOS devices

Final Thoughts

Coming off as the 4th most used social network globally, Instagram is a beehive of activities. Although many of these acts are positive, people use this channel to execute some negatives. Thus, the need to spy on Instagram accounts has become more pressing in recent times. 

While we’ve looked at several ways to conduct Instagram spying, spyware offers 100% efficiency. With so many alternatives out there, it’s pertinent to consider the app’s focal points and your preferences before you make a pick.

However, we’ve made the process for you by sifting out five proven Instagram monitoring alternatives. Used by millions worldwide, these apps offer context in a seemingly cluttered social media space. 

While each variation has pros and cons, we can recommend these options to anyone with an Instagram spying need. Regardless, the ball’s in your court, and it’s up to you to make a selection.

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