10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps: Examining the Alternatives With a Proven Track Record

In today’s world, speed and convenience are recurring decimals. Due to technological advancements, the way we do things is evolving. People can now send and receive messages in a “jiffy.” While there are so many mediums for communication, the advent of social media channels gave rise to ease and simplicity. With so many alternatives, we’ll focus on a revered option – WhatsApp. 

Since its inception in 2009, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched as it offers a simple way to exchange messages with friends and family. 

According to a recent statistic, WhatsApp is home to a whopping 2 billion active users monthly. With this value likely to rise in the subsequent years, it’s clear that WhatsApp has staked a claim in the iMessaging sector.

While WhatsApp has many positives, it has become the go-to medium for people looking to commit sinister acts. With WhatsApp, cybercriminals can cajole teens and kids into surrendering private details about themselves. Also, this platform has become a hub for fostering illicit relationships. 

Considering these factors as a dutiful parent or partner, you might want to engage the services of a WhatsApp spy app that can monitor their activities on this social media channel without hassles. 

In this article, we’ll shed light on the inner workings of these apps and the alternatives that rank high when it comes to spy-related activities. Let’s get started. 

Why Should You Spy on WhatsApp?

As we’ve established, WhatsApp is a social media that exists on the smartphones of every Dick and Harry you come across. Despite the positives of WhatsApp, this messaging app is fast becoming a medium for phony schemes. 

Therefore, you might want to spy on WhatsApp due to the following reasons:

how to spy on someone's whatsapp without target phone
  • Monitor Your Wards

WhatsApp has become the go-to platform for kids and teens to send and receive messages. However, people with sinister motives exist on this platform. With this in view, you’d like to do everything you can to ensure that your ward isn’t on the receiving end of cyber dangers.

When you engage the offerings of a spy app, you can see what messages and multimedia they’re sending or receiving. While these contents might just be regular exchanges, you can take prompt action when things go out of hand.

spy whatsapp messages without installing on target phone
  • Seek Out a Cheating Partner

Most relationships start with both partners falling head over heels for each other. However, this isn’t the theme forever, as a partner might have their eyes for someone else while they’re in an active relationship.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you with another person, you might want to engage a WhatsApp spy tool to get rock-solid evidence. Using this spyware, you can see their WhatsApp messages, media files, and calls 24/7. 

With these apps, you also have access to deleted entries. That said, if you discover that they’ve been unfaithful, you can confront them with irrefutable facts they can’t deny.

spyware for whatsapp
  • Ensure Productivity Among Employees

Every business focuses on one goal – making profits. If you own a business enterprise, making a decent ROI is only feasible when employees are serious about executing their due functions.

With the “eye service” practice prevalent among staff, installing WhatsApp spy apps on designated company phones can give you an insight into their actions when you’re absent. 

Since these apps integrate stealth mode, you can monitor their activities without them knowing. Now, you can take action to ensure that productivity rises to unprecedented levels.

NOTE: According to a 2021 report, active users used the WhatsApp platform for 38 minutes every day (19.4 hours monthly). This act invariably led to decreased productivity among employees.

What Can You Monitor Using the WhatsApp Spy Tool?

Mobile devices feature a truckload of applications. Nevertheless, the social media platform, WhatsApp, is a constant on most smartphones. 

With the popularity of WhatsApp, people have resorted to WhatsApp spyware to collect vital information from the target’s device. 

However, most people are curious to know what they can monitor using spyware for WhatsApp. For context, they include the following:

  • Conversation History

Using a WhatsApp spy app, you have access to sent and received messages on the target’s device. Also, spyware users can see the timestamps on these chats and contacts the target has conversed with recently.

While most people tend to clear their tracks by deleting these messages, sophisticated WhatsApp spyware can retrieve them. Now, having a perspective on the person’s past activities on WhatsApp is possible. 

  • Sent and Received Media

Besides chat retrieval, WhatsApp spy apps give you some insight into the multimedia files they’ve sent or received. Like messages, you can also uncover the timelines when the user executed these media exchanges.

  • Contacts

Would you like to decipher who your partner has been speaking to at night? A WhatsApp spy app can get you the answers you seek. Most WhatsApp spy apps offer insight into the target’s contact list and call logs. 

You can record these calls and confront your cheating partner or unethical employee with hard evidence. Using spyware, you can access a dashboard fielding arranged details. 

  • GPS Tracking

As an extra, WhatsApp spy apps grant you the luxury of deciphering the whereabouts of your partner, ward, or employee in real-time. Now, you can tell if the target is telling the truth about their location or not.

Using these apps, you can also set safe zones. In case the target leaves that vicinity, you’ll be alerted instantly. 

IMPORTANT: For access to these nifty features, some spyware variations might require that you jailbreak or root the target’s device. While this might come off as a daunting activity, these offerings usually provide easy-to-follow guides to boot.

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp: What Goes Into Choosing the Perfect WhatsApp Spy App?

While WhatsApp spying might seem alluring when you have a target in mind, the alternative you use matters a lot. With tons of phony apps out there looking to take you on a fruitless journey, looking towards the best is a must.

To seek out a WhatsApp spy app alternative that lives up to expectations, you’ll have to consider the following factors. Notable mentions include:

  • Functionality
how to spy on someone whatsapp

When you’re choosing a WhatsApp spy app, you must take a peek at its add-ons. Since the offerings of most WhatsApp spyware vary, we recommend using an alternative that fields 10 to 15 features. 

Your preferred app must have crucial add-ons, such as location tracking, call monitoring, timestamps on sent and received messages, and keylogger. If a WhatsApp spyware doesn’t integrate these features, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

  • Stealth
whatsapp spy tool

People usually use WhatsApp spy apps to monitor the target’s device without them knowing. So, before you make your spyware decision, ensure that the app is 100% undetectable on the target’s cellphone.

When we talk about stealth, what does it mean?

Simply put, a stealthy WhatsApp spy app isn’t visible on the target phone. Once you’ve installed the app on someone’s phone, its thumbnail disappears. Thus, the tracked user has no idea that someone is monitoring them.

  • Ease of Use and Installation

WhatsApp spy apps should make spying convenient and accessible from the beginning. Thus, ensure the app of your choice doesn’t require you a rulebook for smooth operation. 

During the selection process, ensure that you select an alternative that provides a demo video upon payment. That way, you can see how the application works and the steps to take for seamless target monitoring. 

You know you’ve made the right choice if your chosen app makes you feel tech-savvy even when you aren’t.

  • Compatibility
spy on whatsapp

Many WhatsApp spy apps work as intended on Android and iOS devices. However, it’s pertinent to note that some offerings might suit one OS. Therefore, before you make a selection, ensure you’re abreast with the target device’s OS. Now, certify that your preferred spyware is compatible with that operating system.

To make things easier, you can check the compatibility of a WhatsApp spy app on its web-based platform. If you’re unsure, you can opt for a free trial to see if the app works as purported on the target device.

  • Customer Support
whatsapp spy iphone

WhatsApp spy apps are prone to errors during usage. To address your pressing concerns, you’ll need to contact a customer support representative. Therefore, you must check out the support channels on the WhatsApp spyware before opting for it. 

The best WhatsApp spy apps offer 24/7 customer care across several channels, including live chat, a toll-free phone number, and email. Using these mediums, users are guaranteed swift and detailed responses.

  • Pricing

Using WhatsApp spyware for monitoring-related tasks shouldn’t bore a hole in your finances. Albeit offering premium services, ensure that your chosen WhatsApp spy app variation has cost-effective subscriptions.

On some WhatsApp spy app offerings, using a coupon can drastically reduce the prices of a subscription plan. So, check your favored WhatsApp spyware to see if it makes this a possibility.

10 Best Alternatives to Spy on WhatsApp

Since some people might find it somewhat strenuous to consider the above factors in their search for a fitting WhatsApp spy app, we’ve decided to simplify things by giving them a list of options they can trust.

While these alternatives aren’t 100% perfect, they’ve provided their clientele with an encompassing spying experience.

mspy whatsapp spy app


When it comes to comprehensiveness, mSpy ranks #1 for us. Since its 2010 launch, mSpy has made solid strides to become the preferred WhatsApp spy app medium in over 180 jurisdictions worldwide. With over 25 features in its resume, mSpy trumps the competition when it comes to spying on a person’s WhatsApp. 

Using mSpy, you can access a person’s WhatsApp messages, calls, and multimedia files. Additionally, it offers other notable extras such as GPS tracking and a keylogger (a feature that lets you see keystrokes on the target’s device 24/7). 

What’s more?

You can use mSpy without compatibility issues on iOS and Android devices. While rooting is a must for the latter, mSpy features jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS versions. Thus, those looking towards a WhatsApp spy iPhone app might want to consider mSpy. 

Setting up mSpy is seamless, and with everything set, all that’s needed is a mere 5 minutes to get your spying adventure up and running. To bolster the potency of this fact, here’s a video showcasing mSpy’s installation process. 

If you encounter issues during usage, mSpy has a 24/7 customer support team that offers speedy and courteous replies. Moving on, security is a central theme here as bank-grade encryption protects data sent to your Control Panel.

The subscription plans on mSpy don’t require taking a soft loan. While monthly plans go for $48.99, opting for a quarterly plan will see you pay $27.99 monthly. If you fancy a yearly plan, you’ll get the best value as the price takes a further drop to $11.66 per month.


✅ Effective WhatsApp data monitoring

✅ GPS tracking to track a target in real-time

✅ Seamless installation process

✅ 24/7 customer support

✅ Multilingual platform

✅ Compatible with iOS and Android


❌ Requires rooting/jailbreaking to work on a target device

eyezy whatsapp spy


If you want to learn how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp in the most futuristic way possible, it might be time to set sail to the offerings of eyeZy. Tagging itself as the “Most Powerful Phone Monitoring Device on the Planet,” eyeZy takes the fight to the competition when it comes to detailed features listing.

Whether you’d like to monitor your kid or know if your partner is cheating on you via WhatsApp, eyeZy offers perspective. Using this WhatsApp spy app alternative, you know what the target is up to on their devices. Integrating a “Screen Recorder” eyeZy, you can see deleted WhatsApp chats and call logs.

Installing eyeZy on the target’s device doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary. With a “Friendly Installer” in the mix, you don’t have to do anything daunting as this feature sets up the app on the tracked cell phone.

Whether the target uses an iOS or Android device, you can track their WhatsApp activities via eyeZy. If you encounter challenges while using eyeZy, 24/7 customer support service is available to offer prompt solutions.

Despite having numerous features, subscription plans on eyeZy don’t require you to break the bank. Here, you can opt for one of three cost-effective packages: 1 month ($47.99), 3 months ($27.99 per month), and 12 months ($9.99 monthly).


✅ Friendly Installer to aid easy installation

✅ Easy to use

✅ Efficiently tracks iOS and Android devices

✅ Screen Recorder add-on available

✅ Budget-friendly subscription plans

✅ Prompt and responsive customer service


❌ Pricing isn’t evident until you register

❌ iCloud sync feature isn’t functional yet

spyic spy app


With WhatsApp spying becoming the order of the day in several climes, Spyic is one alternative that seeks to provide clarity in troubled waters. A spy app used by millions of people worldwide, Spyic has amassed a reputation for being one of the most detailed WhatsApp spyware ever created.

With Spyic, you can read the target’s WhatsApp chats, including those exchanged in groups. This spy app also grants you access to the timelines when these messages were sent and received.

Unlike most WhatsApp spy tools, Spyic makes these features available without root and jailbreak. Thus, there are no restrictions on what you can view on the target’s WhatsApp account.

Like most top-tier spy apps, you can use Spyic on iOS and Android devices without issues. With Spyic leading the charge, you can monitor someone’s WhatsApp without breaking a sweat.

If you have reservations about what Spyic has to offer, the platform has a “Demo” functionality you can access without paying a dime. This feature gives you a real-life representation of how data will appear on your Control Panel.

On Spyic, you can subscribe to the following packages: Premium ($9.99 monthly), Basic ($39.99 monthly), and Family ($69.99 monthly).

Also, it’s pertinent to note that Spyic offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you aren’t satisfied with their services during this timeline, you can opt for a refund.


✅ 100% undetectable

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee

✅ Round-the-clock customer support

✅ WhatsApp monitoring doesn’t require rooting and jailbreaking

✅ Easy sign-up and installation process


❌ Physical access to target device required for Android set-up

flexispy spy app


Do you crave a WhatsApp spying adventure that gives you the chance to be flexible in your dealings? Well, you might want to set your sights on FlexiSPY. With FlexiSPY, you have access to many features, all giving you unfettered access to the target’s device. 

Using the WhatsApp tracking feature on FlexiSPY, you can discreetly access sent and received messages on a person’s cell phone. Besides WhatsApp chats, this spy app gives its users the leeway to see multimedia files, such as GIFs, emojis, stickers, pictures, and images on the tracked phone. 

One area where FlexiSPY stands out is its VoIP Call Recording Feature. While WhatsApp claims to offer an encrypted service, FlexiSPY penetrates its defenses to allow you to listen in on the target’s calls. 

FlexiSPY collates spy data and keeps them orderly on your dedicated online dashboard. Reminiscent of a virtual library, you can sift through various timeframes at your convenience. 

With the FlexiSPY Express service, you can purchase a brand new phone that integrates the FlexiSPY app and have it delivered to the target. In fact, they go the extra mile to offer “custom packaging” so the target can accept it without reservations. 

Available on Android, iOS, and PC, FlexiSPY ranks as one of the most extensive WhatsApp spy apps on the Internet. While the subscription plans on FlexiSPY aren’t the most cost-effective out there, it’s decent regardless. Here, there are 3 main packages, including Lite ($29.95 monthly), Premium ($68 monthly), & Extreme ($199 for 3 months).


✅ Available on numerous devices

✅ Intuitive user interface

✅ Offers VoIP call recording on WhatsApp

✅ Customer support provides swift responses

✅ FlexiSPY Express delivers phones with the spy app


❌ The extreme subscription plan is expensive

hoverwatch spy app


If you’d like to hover around the target and spy on their WhatsApp accounts without them knowing, you might want to engage the services of Hoverwatch. With over one million patrons globally, Hoverwatch is one of the top WhatsApp spyware on the Internet.

Hoverwatch offers an encompassing WhatsApp spying service as it gives you context on the target’s messages. Additionally, you can see what multimedia files they’ve been sending. With Hoverwatch, you have access to a person’s WhatsApp call log and see who they’ve been talking to in recent times.

To commence your WhatsApp monitoring adventure on Hoverwatch, all you need to do is create an account and download the app on the target’s phone. When you’ve gone through these hoops, you can see what a person is doing on their device 24/7 on your dedicated dashboard.

Hoverwatch gives you a chance at becoming Inspector Gadget as you’re eligible to track up to 25 devices in one go. If you come across an issue during your spying journey, there’s a comprehensive FAQ segment that answers the most common queries. In case your problem is more technical, you can submit a request.

Hoverwatch is available on Android, Windows, and macOS. Currently, Hoverwatch doesn’t support iOS devices. Thus, this spyware might lose marks when it comes to comprehensiveness.

Coming to the pricing side of things, Hoverwatch has three subscription variations: Personal ($24.95/month), Professional ($9.99/month), and Business ($6/month).


✅ Decent subscription packages

✅ Easy installation process

✅ Available on Windows and macOS

✅ Regular updates to make the spying seamless


❌ There’s no offering for iOS devices yet

ikeymonitor whatsapp spy app


iKeyMonitor is a spy app geared towards parents interested in knowing what their kids are up to at all times. However, due to its extensive features, this app is now an alternative engaged by all and sundry. 

A notable iKeyMonitor add-on making the front pages? WhatsApp spying. 

With iKeyMonitor, you can use the keylogger feature to decipher what message the target is curating to their WhatsApp contacts. iKeyMonitor grants you access to the target’s sent and received chats, images, pictures, and voice messages. 

The WhatsApp features on iKeyMonitor will work on Android and iOS phones without root or jailbreak. That said, iKeyMonitor has a free demo in place for those who would like to know how the app works without entering any subscription plan. 

The user interface of this platform is intuitive. With a dedicated Control Panel, you can see all the files on the target’s phone appropriately segmented. 

That said, iKeyMonitor ensures that patrons have a channel to vent their concerns with 24/7 customer support. Now, you can get swift resolutions to nagging problems that might arise during monitoring. 

iKeyMonitor has 2 subscription packages: Business ($9.99 monthly) and Family ($16.66 per month). Also, intending users should note that iKeyMonitor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee program. Thus, you can seek refunds if the app doesn’t meet your expectations.


✅ Great customer support service

✅ Available on multiple devices

✅ Retrieve deleted messages

✅ Free version available

✅ 30-day money-back policy


❌ Doesn’t offer VoIP WhatsApp call recording

spyera whatsapp spy


A top monitoring app that holds its own, Spyera is fast becoming a go-to choice for those who want to spy on a person’s WhatsApp effectively and stealthily too. 

One of the many reasons Spyera has amassed fame since its inception is its undetectable stance on monitoring. Once installed on the target’s device, it works in the background, collating data and sending them to the right quarters (your dashboard).

Using Spyera, you can track every WhatsApp chat on the target’s device. Since there’s a keylogger on show, Spyera grants you access to a person’s keystrokes on the WhatsApp platform. Therefore, even if they don’t send that message anymore, you know what they had in mind. 

An area where Spyera trumps most spy apps is its call monitoring feature. Using this nifty add-on, you can use this spy app to listen in on WhatsApp calls secretly and remotely. With Spyera, you can access the details of every mobile number on the target’s device. 

Although Spyera works seamlessly on Android and iOS phones, it takes things a step further by curating offerings accessible on Windows and macOS. If you’re on the lookout for inclusive spyware that offers tons of features, Spyera ticks all the boxes.

Spyera has three significant packages: Smartphone ($89 monthly), Tablet ($69 monthly), and Computer ($49 per month). However, if you’d like a plan that incorporates all the above subscriptions, Spyera has an All-in-One package that goes for $479 for one year.


✅ Numerous features compared to other spy apps

✅ There’s a 10-day money-back guarantee

✅ Accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

✅ Smooth customer support service

✅ Easy installation and clutter-free Control Panel


❌ Subscription packages aren’t budget-friendly

❌ Several clogs surrounding iOS installation

whatsapp spy xnspy


If you’d like to hack into a person’s WhatsApp account without them knowing, it might be time to turn towards XNSPY. Voted the best monitoring app by some firms, XNSPY is one of the most famous spy apps worldwide. 

When you make XNSPY your choice WhatsApp spying app, you have access to the target’s chats, images, videos, and calls. With XNSPY, you can see all the contacts on someone’s WhatsApp account. 

You can see these details on your dedicated panel, complete with their timestamps. To commence spying activities on XNSPY, download the spy app on the target’s device. Upon installation, you can see every bit of WhatsApp data you’d like at any time.

You can use XNSPY to monitor a target without rooting their Android devices. However, the WhatsApp tracking feature can only work on jailbroken iOS devices. 

XNSPY offers 2 subscription packages: Premium ($35.99 monthly) and Basic ($29.99 per month).


✅ Responsive live chat functionality

✅ Decent subscription packages

✅ Easy to install and use

✅ Available on iOS and Android devices


❌ Physical access is required to set up on Android and iOS devices

spyhuman spy app


Tagged as the “All in One” package for Android spying activities, SpyHuman is fast becoming a popular option amongst parents, spouses, and employers due to its WhatsApp monitoring prowess.

Like most WhatsApp spy apps, SpyHuman grants patrons the luxury of checking the messages, media, and contacts on the target’s smartphone. If you’d like to know when a message, call, or multimedia was sent or received, SpyHuman offers perspective by providing detailed timestamps on each piece of information.

As it stands, SpyHuman is only available on Android devices. Thus, if the target uses an iOS device, you might want to look towards another alternative entirely. However, not all hope is lost as you can spy on Android devices without rooting them.

SpyHuman ranks as one of the best WhatsApp spy apps free for Android devices as it incorporates a 7-day free trial. Here, users can engage the app’s premium add-ons. Once this timeline expires, you can enter the Premium plan for $9.99 monthly.


✅ Free trial plan with premium features for 7 days

✅ Cost-effective premium plan

✅ Records WhatsApp calls

✅ 24/7 customer support

✅ Several payment mediums available to foster payments

✅ It doesn’t require root on Android devices


❌ Isn’t available on iOS devices

❌ Doesn’t have an extensive list of WhatsApp spy features

cocospy spy app


Rounding off our list of the best WhatsApp spy apps is Cocospy. Cocospy is a highly favored spy app due to its extensive feature listing. With many positive reviews to boot, it’s easy to see why this WhatsApp spyware makes the listing of almost every spy app roundup. 

Cocospy offers you an insight into the messages sent and received by a person. If you have a knack for detail, Cocospy steps up the ante with timestamps on every chat present on the target’s phone.

To get started with Cocospy, create a new account and enter into a subscription that tallies your finances. Now, set up the app on the target’s cell phone. Once you’ve gone through installation hoops, spying on a user’s WhatsApp account is now feasible.

Available on iOS and Android smartphones, subscription plans on Cocospy are affordable. Here, intending users can opt for one of these plans: Premium ($9.99 per month), Basic ($39.99 monthly), and Family ($69.99 monthly).


✅ 60-day money-back guarantee in the mix

✅ 100% stealth mode

✅ Round-the-clock customer support

✅ Multiple payment alternatives are available

✅ Affordable subscription plans


❌ Physical access required to install


whatsapp spy faq
How Much Time Does It Take to Crack a WhatsApp Account and Read Its Chats?

It doesn’t take much time. After following the vital steps on how to spy apps on someone’s WhatsApp without a target phone as stated on the WhatsApp spyware, you should be able to commence monitoring and see their chats in less than 5 minutes.

Is It Legal to Use WhatsApp Monitoring Apps?

The legality of spy app usage depends on the jurisdiction. While some countries deem it legal, others don’t. 
In the US, it’s illegal to install a spy app on the cell phone of a person aged 18 or above without notifying them of your intentions. However, as a parent, it’s legal to install these apps on your kid’s phone.

Can I Use WhatsApp Monitoring Without Rooting or Jailbreaking?

This depends on the app you’re using. For context, spy apps like mSpy and eyeZy don’t require root or jailbreak to monitor WhatsApp accounts.

How Can I Read WhatsApp Messages Online for Free?

Funds are critical in the make-up of spy apps. Thus, it’s almost impossible to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing them on the target’s phone for free. 
Nonetheless, you can try out apps with a free trial in the mix. Usually lasting for 3 to 7 days, you’ll be able to access premium WhatsApp spying features without restrictions. 

How Can I Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without a Target Phone?

To spy on WhatsApp messages on the target phone, you’ll need to access the device physically to install the spy app. Once that’s done, you can commence monitoring without the device being in your possession.

Will the User Find Out That I’m Reading Their WhatsApp Messages?

No, they won’t. The WhatsApp spy apps on our list are undetectable. Since these applications feature “Stealth Mode,” the target doesn’t have a clue you’re spying on them.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is becoming more and more each passing day. With users exchanging over 100 billion messages monthly, WhatsApp, despite its positives, has become a beehive of sinister activities. Thus, the need to spy on others has become crucial for various reasons.

To ensure you go about this activity effectively, we’ve curated a list of our top 10 WhatsApp spy apps. Using these offerings, you’re sure of getting rock-solid facts without the target knowing. 

While mSpy ranked as the #1 spyware for WhatsApp, take a look at the snippets above before making a final selection.

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